Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bliss N Esso - Where The Wild Things Are

So this tune may be a little skewed in comparison to some of my other picks but I can't help but turn up the radio when I hear this tune. Bliss N Esso are an Australian (in an effort to keep my facts straight one of the members stems from the US and moved to Australia when he was 13 and another is of Moroccan heritage but for arguments sake, they are Aussie trough and through) Hip Hopact that jumped into my life at a music festival last year. Clearly not new to the rest of Western Australia as the local the crowd reached a level of mental that had not been seen throughout the rest of the weekend.
At first, my cynical ways almost automatically rejected this group. Aussie Hip Hop?? Huh! Turns out I was well in need of a slice of the humblest of pies and a lesson was imbedded into my brain. Australian HipHop is an autonomous genre full of unique and influential groups banging out pretty cool tunes.
This one is an oldie but a goodie.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Active Child - Sweet Dreams

Its 7am on a Monday morning. Your eyes are heavy and your legs a little wobbly on the drive into work. You have stayed up late watching Ireland V's Wales in a Six Nations defeat so needless to say are quite unexpectedly emotional and irritable.
This song pops on the radio and you can't help but tap the steering wheel and belt out your own version. Even better, you are stuck in traffic and you look to your left and right, the drivers in the cars either side of you are also listening to the same song and clearly getting as much out of it as you are as they tap their own steering wheels and shamelessly sing in their cars. You can't help but giggle to yourself and suddenly your Monday is a little brighter.
Thanks Active Child.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Descendants - Sountrack

It is rare that a soundtrack matches a movie in its genius.
Whilst watching The Descendants it is impossible to ignore the stunning slack-key music that combines elements of Hawaiian guitar rhythms and melodic riffs. The music and the plot are so intertwined that at all moments of revelation and inspiration in the script we as viewers and listeners are treated with emotion arousing acoustic beauties.
I enjoyed the deliberate parallel between the musical heritage of Hawaii and the scripted history of the protagonist's family in the movie.
The emotional elements of the soundtrack will not help those that are likely to be teary-eyed. It will inevitably improve your experience of the movie and arouse immense feelings towards all of the characters.