Friday, 16 March 2012

Luke Kelly - Song for Ireland, The Pogues- Body of an American

This one more or less explains itself. It is Saint Patrick's Day and although I was just about to swing towards a party Pogues song I feel this lament has much more of a poignant meaning in this era where many of us have been forced to leave our green home. I have not made it to the pub to sip on a pint of green food dye yet so I am taking advantage of appreciating and missing my homeland.

This may be where it stops for the day and the party kicks in so I felt the need to bring up the mood and include one of my favourite Pogues tune which unfortunately is still very poignant and topical but at least you can dance to it and raise your arms (and drinks) and be proud.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Sigur Ros - Vid spillum Endalust

A song that genuinely pulls you out of a rut and gives you a desired kick up the rear end to bounce about in your seat at work, car or do a little dance. I can't pretend to sing along to it either which some people are probably quite glad of, I imagine I would sound quite silly trying to pull off Icelandic.
It comes from their very successful 2008 album 'med sud i eyrum vid spilum ndalust'.
The album transcends all musical ideals and paradigms from recording techniques to style. Whilst other bands are forcing themselves to sing in their second or third languages, we should celebrate that they do not only stick to their origins but also construct a genre that provides a unique autonomy in a world gone mad on competition. Seeing Sigur Ros live is an experience that everyone should try and be a part of. In fact, the lyrics for this song, along with all of the other tracks in the album were originally intended to be in English but opting for what feels more natural and genuine they chose to record in Icelandic, a decision that I applaud and celebrate.