Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bon Iver Hollocene

The sultry mesmerising voice of Bon Iver is quite addictive. This song in particular has an air of transcendence into greatness, greatness as a musician and greatness in musical achievement.
His voice will inevitably stop you in your tracks. It won't prepare you for a night out on the tiles or an early morning sprint but your speedy set off down the track in a hectic world will slow down to a pause. It has earned him the enviable accolade of song of the year and the album of the same title also awarded with album of the year.
It is the quintessential headphone song. Slip on a set of noise cancelling headphones and hear every lyric, musical phrase and the grain of Bon Iver's voice himself.
'At once I knew I was not magnificent'.

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