Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Song of The Day

I sat down in front of my laptop yesterday evening with a definite sense of reluctance. Reluctance not only to write but reluctance to be creative. Faced with this crippling need for artistic redemption I pondered hard about what to do.
I have recently sold my lyrical soul to the gods of salaries and bonuses. Most of the writing that I have been undertaking of recent as a result is that of a commercial nature; reviewing businesses, writing to predetermined titles and fulfilling the requirements of specific magazines.
Don't get me wrong, such developments in a step to a writing career are not only welcomed but enjoyed most of the time. There comes a time though when such strict subject and style becomes more of an endurance than a blessing. Hence, my return to the world of blogging, the freedom to write as I wish and stress my own personal opinions that I myself have constructed.
Unlike anything I have penned before, this blog will (aim to) be a daily glimpse into the musical stylings of anything that takes my fancy. My Song of The Day will share with you a song from anyone and anything that might enlighten my day, arouse a lament or simply allow me to listen and think 'now thats a good song'.
I welcome criticism about the song. Comments about an odd choice or an inspired discovery (remarks about inspiration are most definitely welcome) are encouraged and should you feel the need to share with me any similar findings well then go ahead.
All I have to do is play my part in choosing and sharing these songs and 'legally' promoting their musical genius.

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